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The minute Thespis, the first actor, stepped out of the Greek chorus, theatre was born.

Through annual festivals of Dionysus, the ancient Greeks cultivated this new art form, believing that the purpose of theatre was three-fold: to entertain, to educate and to exult the human spirit.

In honor of this great tradition, we are creating an annual Greek-American theatre festival that will utilize epic ritual theatre practice, combined with powerful transformative technology, featuring ancient texts in modern translations, and new contemporary writing based on these tragic themes, to celebrate the divine feminine on a global scale.

In our inaugural year, we will bridge the 2500 year gap between the everlasting legacy of The Bacchae tragedy with its modern antithesis – Atheophania – a contemporary play that allows Dionysus to return, to apologize for man’s inhumanity to man, and restore a fundamentally natural innocence between men and women.

In the summer of 2020, through Vortex Immersion technology, we will tunnel cyberspace to bring together artists from all over the world. Our actors, dancers, and singers in NYC will simultaneously engage in a revolutionary performance with an ensemble chorus in Athens. It is our intent that our audiences experience a catharsis, the most ancient form of social-psychological healing still in practice today.

Since the earliest times, ancient people healed themselves and explored what they couldn’t understand about the world through dramatic ritual. The Greeks saw clearly that it was necessary and healthy for pent-up emotions to be released for the well-being of society.  This was the sole/soul purpose of performance. (PROPOSE CUT – it’s too academic: Modern treatment of dysfunctional behavior supports creative release, because those experiencing it are less likely to be destructive.) Engaging in epic theatre not only proffered personal healing, but also left a lasting effect on the collective whole. That is our aim.

In order to meet this ambitious goal, we are creating a fascinating body of creative theatrical work, both ancient and of-the-moment, to help us step into the dawn of a new creative age. With your interest and support, we can realize a greater global connectivity, to nurture a healthier, happier world. We are especially interested in our artistry working to directly benefit women and youth; thus we intend a portion of all festival proceeds to go towards children’s charities like the National Schoolhouse for Theatre Arts, a new academic model for foster kids.

We would like to meet you to hear your thoughts on this project, and how you can work with us to further this dream of global unity, so that no one need live in fear. We welcome your help to to artfully envision and create a better world for all.

Stratos Tzortzoglou, Coni Koepfinger, Karen Carpenter, and Florin Penișoară

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